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rotational symmetry

Writing Exercise Grab-bag

Posted on 2020.03.14 at 02:22
This is a list of things I want to try to stretch me writing muscles with, just to keep the ol' brain ticking properly, even if I do get distracted from writing by RL and what not for vast swathes of time. Some are fandom-specific, others are not -- they're just random things that at some point I decided would be good things in principle to write, but discounted at one point or another because they were too damn hard. Which is a terrible reason, right? Right.

The plan is to wander about this list, grab things and write them in no particular order. If you see something you'd really like to read, or if you have the perfect fandom for a non-fandom-specified exercise, let me know and I will probably oblige! And, of course, if something on this list strikes you as intriguing and you want to give it a go, please, be my guest. As I said, this list is for me, and not necessarily things anyone else will find any interest in, but I obviously won't mind if people do. :-)

due SOUTHCollapse )

Torchwood and Doctor WhoCollapse )

Earth: Final ConflictCollapse )

Stargate: AtlantisCollapse )

Any fandomCollapse )

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2011.12.28 at 02:48
Back to the beginning of Part 4...

Balancing Act -- End of Part 4 and epilogueCollapse )

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2011.12.28 at 02:45
Back to parts 2 and 3...

Balancing Act -- Part 4Collapse )

Continue to the rest of part 4 and the epilogue...

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2011.12.28 at 02:42
Back to part 1...

Balancing Act -- Parts 2 and 3Collapse )

Continue to part 4...

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2011.12.28 at 02:40
*waves weakly*

So...hey, guys. It's been a while. A while a while. Um. Yeah. >.>

Here's a bunch of RL stuff.Collapse )

Anyway. That aside. So I was looking the other day through my folder of fic, which I do sometimes just because I like to remind myself that once upon a time, I could actually sort of kind of write some good stuff. And I found a WIP folder, so I started looking through that, thinking that maybe I could find a story that was half-finished, that might be able to inspire me to write again. Lo and behold, I found a fic that was actually done. "Oh!" said I. "This is easy -- I bet I have beta notes for this somewhere, I'll just take a look at them and polish and then I shall have made new fic."

The story behind the story.Collapse )

So, this may not be the best work I've ever done. I tried rewriting, read it back to myself, and realized I was (with my rusty as hell voices) making everything worse with my edits. So I stopped. I edited the bare minimum, the most obvious of things that my betas had told me, and then I just stopped. I'd rather have this get posted for you guys now, than have it hide in my computer forever and ever. *blows kisses* Love you guys, hope I can drop by here for a quick fic or two sometimes. I'll try to keep up with your comments for the next couple weeks before RL eats me again, I swear!

~25 K words. F/K, K/OFC, D/s, first time, angst, post-CotW (partially). Rated NC-17.

Balancing ActCollapse )

Posted on 2010.04.17 at 19:31
Callum Keith Rennie is absurdly pretty.

Exhibit A: *points at icon*

Further evidence is declared by the courts to be unnecessary and irrelevant, but is appreciated regardless. Thank you kindly for your attention. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2010.04.08 at 14:43
Okay, guys, it's go time. I have paid little to no attention to fandom for about three and a half months, and now I wanna read fic.

Supply me with some stuff. Preferably long epic tales. ;-)

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2010.01.05 at 13:03
Having watched the new Doctor Who, I am now blundering around frantically for some good long epic Doctor/Master fic. Please tell me it is waiting for me out there somewhere, because if it isn't I'm going to have to write it, and I really don't think my brain can handle that much crazy shit in it right now...

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2010.01.02 at 15:08
Rahhh, new fic! I am a victorious beast! (Granted, a beast that apparently thinks it is okay to switch between past and present narrative tense at random, and only managed to catch it about twenty seconds before posting, but bah. Still a beast, I say.)

674 words. F/K, first time, PWP. Rated PG for implied nudity.

He is not sure what he has done. He has taken a familiar thing, a thing he cherished -- a partnership, a friendship -- and he has turned it into something else. Something explosive, something dangerous, something he hardly understands. Something essentially unpredictable. And how is he to trust a thing he cannot predict?

No WorriesCollapse )

rotational symmetry
Posted on 2009.12.15 at 11:16
Dear Self,

Why don't you write more? You are a dumbass.

No Love,

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