Giulietta (mondschein1) wrote,

Writing Exercise Grab-bag

This is a list of things I want to try to stretch me writing muscles with, just to keep the ol' brain ticking properly, even if I do get distracted from writing by RL and what not for vast swathes of time. Some are fandom-specific, others are not -- they're just random things that at some point I decided would be good things in principle to write, but discounted at one point or another because they were too damn hard. Which is a terrible reason, right? Right.

The plan is to wander about this list, grab things and write them in no particular order. If you see something you'd really like to read, or if you have the perfect fandom for a non-fandom-specified exercise, let me know and I will probably oblige! And, of course, if something on this list strikes you as intriguing and you want to give it a go, please, be my guest. As I said, this list is for me, and not necessarily things anyone else will find any interest in, but I obviously won't mind if people do. :-)


  • F/V. [in progress]

  • F/K, break it thoroughly, leave 'em apart for several years, put 'em back together. [done!]

  • F/K/V, first time. [in progress]

  • F/K, D/s. [done!]

  • Frannie/RayK.

  • Plotty casefic, entirely or primarily from Dief's POV.

  • Plotty casefic, involving a fleshed-out, supernatural minor character.

  • Deathfic, ten years afterward, following one of the remaining characters. Moving on, etc.

  • Lawyer AU -- Fraser and RayK as lawyers, Stella and RayV as cops.

  • Band AU.

Torchwood and Doctor Who

  • Janto, kidfic after S2. [done!]

  • S1 episode tags, Owen POV, through the lens of "Fragments".

  • Rose/Human Doctor, dysfunctional --> functional.

Earth: Final Conflict

  • Lili on Jaridia.

  • Alternate Season 5, because it's stupid to throw out the entirety of Taelon society that got all built up through four seasons.

Stargate: Atlantis

  • Rodney, character study. Development of the cutting-corners methodology that leads to diaster in Trinity.

  • Rodney/Zelenka; at start, Zelenka pines for Rodney, Rodney pines for Sheppard, Sheppard is oblivious. Navigate to happy ending successfully.

Anything goes...

  • podfic, no background music [in progress].

  • backwards chronology

  • epic poetry

  • 3PO.

  • drabbles

  • timed!fic

  • couple of minor characters whom everyone finds completely, utterly unbearable, but who are really, genuinely in love with each other for reasons no one else can understand.


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