Outlier, Thy Name Is Human

Romance: they're old n' cantankerous and they haven't killed each other yet. Aw.

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    Um. I write fic.
    1. Go to memories to find my fanfics; you can find the complete due SOUTH ones at the DSA. You can also search my fic by category.

    2. I sometimes post original fics, which you can find here. If you'd like to be added to the filter, drop me a comment here.

  • Friending policy: I'm really very friendly. I don't bite -- I just beg for doughnuts. Anyway. If you friend me, I'm probably agreeable to friending you back -- but I generally won't notice that people've friended me when they do. So iffn you wish me to take notice, you should probably comment somewhere.

    Also, I have my LJ set so I'll receive comment notification emails, so I will see you commenting whenever you comment. I am always happy to hear that people are reading my older fics. Anonymous comments make me just as gleeful as non-anonymous comments, so long as you don't threaten to do terrible things to my virtue with vitriolic acid. Actually, nobody's allowed to do that, unless it's in direct reaction to an exceptionally terrible fic.

  • This is because I am silly, and because LJSeek asked me to.

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  • I CHALLENGE YOU! to find me a fic as described here. Comment there with link, and specify the kind of thank you fic you would like if you have specific hankerings, and I shall write you a reward!

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